Here I’m not going to share about the privileges that I have not won nor about any request for a salary increment but about the injustice a Government school teacher has to face. It's a dream of every parent to admit their children to prestigious schools.

So being a teacher, I too had great dreams to admit my eldest son to a prestigious boys’ college. It’s really fair enough to have that thought because I too am working in the field of education.

As teachers, if I’m not wrong we can also call ourselves as social workers, we commit ourselves selflessly towards this profession.

Having the big dream of admitting my son to a prestigious boys’ college I made a move to forward applications to the prestigious schools which are available close to my residence. Three out of three applications were rejected in the category of Education and in the category of Residence as well.

In one of the schools they had an evaluation session for my child and a physical interview session with the parents too. I believe that my son had really performed well at his evaluation so we as parents provided all the necessary documents needed at the physical interview, but our application was rejected saying that they could not offer a place at this stage because they do not have enough vacancies.

I was also aware that most of the parents who got admissions did not accept the place offered by the school due to financial instability and also some families were planning to fly abroad, due to the current crisis situation in Sri Lanka.

I inquired whether there are any places available but their criteria said that they will be offering places and give priority to the category of siblings. If this was the case, what is the use of my son being evaluated and performing well at the evaluation stage? I would also like to state that my father, my brother and 12 members from my family were educated in this college.

Adding to this my brother had shown excellent performance in his education and also in his extracurricular activities and was a colours holder at this college. He was a school officer and captained the boxing team. To add more I too had served as a teacher trainee during my internship in the very same college. Having such kind of background, I feel that it's very unfair to reject my son's application.

The second and the third application were sent under the category of Government Servant. We as teachers really contribute a lot to this society to mould good characters and the ones who create great personalities but the same education system does not do justice to us.

I am a product of the National Colleges of Education. They do give appointments for us according to the final examination results. Obtaining a merit pass would offer you a National Schools in appreciation of the performance.

But according to the Grade 1 admission circular less marks are given to those who serve at National Schools. If scores are given on this basis what is the use of performing well at our Final Examination? Isn’t this system of scoring UNFAIR? Sit back and give it a thought.

I’m representing the whole community of teachers. The authorities should consider this. They should value our performance. Let the system change and do just for everyone.


- Nifra Naleem



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