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Suspect held for theft of costume jewellery

Kahathuduwa Police said that a person who stole a stock of gold-plated jewellery imported from India, mistaking it for gold jewellery, was arrested in the Kahathuduwa Venivel Kola area.

The police said that the suspect committed the theft when a business woman selling gold-plated jewellery online and at various establishments left the stock of jewellery in the compartment under the seat of her motorcycle.

When the woman parked her motorcycle near the Kahathuduwa weekly fair and went to buy vegetables, the suspect broke open the compartment and stole the jewellery. In the complaint made by the woman, the value of the jewellery is stated as Rs. 60,000. Police said that when the suspect took the stolen jewellery and tried to sell it to various people, those people who had identified the jewellery as gold-plated, refused to buy it.

It had been revealed during police investigations that the suspect hid the jewellery at his house and had planned to sell the entire stock to a businessman.

The suspect is a 37-year-old man who is heavily addicted to drugs. He will be produced before the Kesbewa Magistrate’s Court.


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