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Main suspect in Hanwella shooting arrested

Contract given by Dubai based criminals

Officials of the Western Province South Range Crime Division yesterday arrested the main suspect involved in shooting to death the owner of a restaurant in Hanwella recently. The killing has been done according to the contract  of underworld criminals named Lalith and Chamia, who are in Dubai currently. It has been revealed that this suspect drove the motorcycle with the shooter to the target by directing this murder. This criminal named Sampath Niroshan Wimalasena is a resident of Parakaduwa Galahitiya. Investigations have revealed that this person, who appears to be a three-wheeler driver, is a major drug dealer in and around Hanwella.

Investigations have also revealed that he distributes the drugs of Lalith Kannangara and Chaminda Buddika alias Chamia who are currently operating from Dubai. According to a contract given by Lalith and Chamia to this person from Dubai, the owner of the restaurant at Hanwella Cross Road, Mohammad Farshan, was shot dead. According to the instructions given by Lalith and Chamia through a phone call from Dubai, this criminal named Sampath Niroshana took the shooter to his house in Parakaduwa. The investigation also revealed that he kept him there for two days.

On December 18 night, the main suspect went to the Hanwella crossroad with the shooter and killed the owner of the restaurant after several days of spying.Investigations have revealed that the killing of this businessman was not due to a dispute between Chamia and Lalith, but a result of a conflict with his brother. Investigations have revealed that the brother of the murdered businessman had some relationship with Chamia and Lalith and there was a dispute between them regarding some money transaction. Investigations have also revealed that the murdered businessman’s action for the protection of his brother is the root cause of this murder. Investigations so far revealed that the businessman has not any relationship with illegal trafficking and the Police say that he is also a member of the Hanwella Police Civil Defence Committee. He has always taken steps to take care of his brother’s safety. Investigations have revealed that attempts have been made to kill the brother on several occasions, but it has failed.

Investigations have revealed that the owner of this restaurant had acted to give information to Police to arrest some criminals who were ready to kill his brother, so the two underworld criminals named Chamia and Lalith had hatred towards him and killed this businessman to make his brother hurt.




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