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Hanwella shop owner’s killer dies in Police shootout

The gunman who killed a shop owner inside his hotel in Hanwella on December 18 was pronounced dead on admission to hospital following a shootout with the Police in the wee hours of Friday (6) at Kimbulbenaya in Hanwella.

It has been revealed that the suspect had killed the businessman on a contract given by underworld figures Lalith and Chamiya, who are currently in Dubai.

The suspect had been living in an abandoned house in the Kimbulbenaya area when the Police teams from the Western Province (South) Crimes Division raided it to arrest him.Another suspect was arrested by the Police in connection with the murder on January 4 and this raid had been carried out in the early morning of Friday based on the information revealed by him.

The suspect who was injured in the gun battle had been admitted to the Avissawella Hospital by the Police.He has been identified as 33-year-old Rasindu Viduranga Fernando alias Karawita Seeya, who was a resident of Pitadeniya, Udakarawita.

He has served in the Sri Lanka Army for 11 years. The suspect is said to be a drug addict.Police have found a firearm, a hand grenade and the ‘ICE’ drug in the house, where he lived temporarily.

It has been revealed that the underworld figures who had planned this murder from Dubai had promised to support the deceased gunman escape to Dubai following the murder.

Police Intelligence Unit officers had received information that Lalith and Chamiya had attempted to obtain a forged NIC in the name of the gunman in order to obtain a passport for him. Police are investigating.




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