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Feeding 8,000 new LG members

Today we are going to talk about a crucial topic currently doing the rounds. It is important because every single cent of the ordinary masses matters now and it is the people’s will which should be given priority over anything else in this country today. We are talking about feeding 8,000 new politicians and their staff after the Local Government (LG) polls.

The people of this country have cultivated disgust for politicians for a long time due to various negative actions of politicians no matter which political party they belong to. That is how people started to say “We do not want the 225”. But what is happening now is not getting rid of 225. It is adding another new 8,000 to this 225 which no Sri Lankan citizen approves of at this crucial juncture.

Today, the ordinary people hate politicians, politics, elections and everything that’s connected to them because their priority is finding the next meal for their children. In addition, they need to find clothes, school books, medicine, house rent, loan payments, bill payments etc. Their daily, weekly and monthly earnings are not adequate at all to pay for these things. All they demand from the President and this Government is reducing the prices of essential items and the Cost of Living. They do not demand elections even in their wildest dreams.

They will never pay the tax to maintain 8,000 LG members, their staff etc. The people will definitely come onto the streets against the appointment of 8,000 LG members. They did not come on to streets demanding elections no matter how hard certain Opposition political parties tried to coax them into doing so.

During the past few days and weeks the entire country witnessed as to who came onto streets and those who did not do so. Not even a single ordinary citizen came onto the streets. People never come onto the streets to demand for something that they do not want. This is the bitter truth that the Opposition and certain political parties just fail to understand.

On the other hand it is the Provincial Council (PC) Elections which are due and only after that, the LG polls are due. But in the past years we did not see any Sri Lankan citizens’ demand for PC polls. It is simply because the Sri Lankan citizens demand what they want and they never demand what they hate and reject. They are fed up with all politicians of all political parties but it is very funny to see how some politicians in some political parties pretend that they are very new to politics and this is the very first time they face any type of election which is just a joke for the people.

The other most important fact is why have Sri Lankan people gone to spend their hard earned money to hold so many elections in so many days? All unimportant elections can be held in a single day while the other elections can be held in another day. Then the people have to spend less money and only two working days in the country will be required to conduct the polls.

A lot of funds can be saved because the public servants will be required for election duty only on two days thus saving public funds.

The Government needs to pay between Rs.15, 000 to Rs.20, 000 for a single public servant in higher positions for election duty while around Rs.10, 000 has to be allocated for each ordinary public servant for election duty. People will be furious if they are asked to pay for this.

The President and the Government can consider holding both the Presidential Election and General Election on the same day and other elections such as the PC polls, LG polls etc. on another day. Sri Lanka cannot afford to hold so many elections on different days.

But it is crystal clear to all Sri Lankans by now that no political party talks about saving the ordinary people’s money and the public funds used by the Government. It is because they only have one objective. That is capturing power no matter the consequences to the country and the people. They show their evil objectives now more than ever. They want to grab power at any cost and are unconcerned about providing relief to the people. They are not concerned about the people’s well-being but only about securing the votes.

Politicians of all political parties have plenty of food, medicine, fuel, electricity, gas and everything else. It is not the politicians and their families belonging to the SLPP, UNP, SLFP, JVP, TNA, SLMC, etc. that enjoy all the luxuries. Even the so-called independent politicians and other politicians and their families who held power for a brief period in the past also enjoy these luxuries. It is the very same with all the YouTubers and public figures who led so-called ‘Aragalaya’.

Sri Lanka is not that unfortunate. This is because the ordinary people understand the bitter truth and the reality. They remember things. They cannot be fooled forever.

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