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No breakthrough into Schaffter’s death yet - CID

The Criminal Investigation Department, which is investigating the mysterious death of Janashakthi Group Director Dinesh Schaffter, has not made any definite breakthrough about the murder as yet.  

Police Media spokesperson, SSP Nihal Thalduwa said that reports have not been received so far regarding the 14 items referred to the Government Analyst by the Criminal Investigation Department which are related to the case. Thalduwa said that the Criminal Investigation Department has not yet made a definite conclusion regarding this murder and that nothing has been reported even to the court.

“Last week at the Aluthkade Magistrate’s Court, a magisterial inquiry regarding the death of Dinesh Schaffter took place. At that time, Schaffter’s family requested not to expose the inquiry to the media. That is why this inquiry was conducted without media. There the evidence was recorded only from Dinesh Schaffter’s wife and Krish Perera who took him from the cemetery to the hospital. Testimonies from two employees of the cemetery and many others have to be examined. We are also awaiting reports from the government analyst. A worker at the cemetery says he saw someone near the car. He has also said that he can recognize him. In that case, how can we be certain that this is a suicide? Maybe someone wants a comment like that. We did not go to the court to say such a thing. How can we say anything like that,” a senior officer of the Criminal Investigation Department said. The official also said that it has not been revealed from the investigation so far that Dinesh Schaffter had gone to the Borella cemetery earlier and trained to kill himself.


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