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Don’t tolerate officers evading responsibilities – Yadamini

Parliamentarian and Colombo Development Committee Chairman Yadamini Gunawardena addressing the participants.
Parliamentarian and Colombo Development Committee Chairman Yadamini Gunawardena addressing the participants.

Parliamentarian and Colombo Development Committee Chairman Yadamini Gunawardena said that grassroots people are ready to work and urged the public to report about the officers who attempt to evade their responsibilities. He was attending the regional coordination committee meeting at the Colombo Divisional Secretariat on January 5.

The MP said that the fish processing machines were provided to the North Colombo Fishing Port. “If they do not make use of the machines, these should be given to another group who can use them. Those who are willing to use them efficiently can be allowed to come and process the fish,” he said.

“I want a report on the government institutions that are not attending this meeting today. This cannot be continued as a habit. Let another report be prepared before January 31 regarding whether the matters presented to the government bodies previously have been fulfilled. We want to know whether the decisions made here were implemented,” he added.

The MP also said that food security programme was given the top priority by the Government and this programme was implemented all over Sri Lanka. It cannot be limited only to Colombo. “Food security is one of our most serious challenges. As the city with the highest population, we have to prepare Colombo in this regard. It is the leading work of the year and the leading duty of the officers,” he said.

MP Yadamini Gunawardhana highlighted that two million people come to Colombo every day. “We must work together without letting them ask questions at the institutional level. The Government owned land can be leased for two years under food security. Now the community is ready for it. What is needed is the efficiency of the officials.

“This programme has no distinction of politics, caste and religion. We are getting ready to face the huge food crisis about to be faced by the whole world. All over the world there are wars, fuel price hikes and insurance costs. As a country, we also have to face it. For that, we have to earn foreign exchange by producing the essentials,” he added.

He also said that as the 75th Independence Day is marked on February 4, programmes should be planned that attract tourists. Colombo played a historic role in the fight for independence.

He invited the masses to come up with a planned programme. “Culture cannot be allowed to be suppressed. If that happens, you have to stand up against it,” he said.

“These works do not require money. Some people don’t know that Cayman Gateway is in Colombo, even though they have heard of such a place. Highlight the historic importance of the city. Let’s make a programme together to awaken the history about the poets in Colombo era,” he said.

“There are dedicated people in Colombo to highlight and protect the freedom we gained. At the time of nationalization, the Colombo Port was ranked 126th. As of today, it has reached the 24th place among the best ports. These are the sweat and hard work of the people of the country and the city of Colombo. So we have an unwritten chapter and a new chapter to be written as well. Let’s get down to earth to work together,” he said.

Colombo Divisional Secretary Nalaka Basnayake, Colombo Municipal Commissioner Bhadrani Jayawardena, Municipal Councillors, officials and organization representatives were present.



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