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Monaragala SSP arrested

The Senior Superintendent of Police in charge of Monaragala Division Mr. Sisira Kumara has been arrested. According to Police Media Spokesman Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. Nihal Talduwa, 650 cannabis plants that had been prepared for drying and a geo-monitoring device were also found in his residence during a raid conducted by the Police Special Task Force.

In relation to this incident, the official driver of the Senior Superintendent of Police and a Police sergeant who was on duty at the house have also been arrested. Also, 06 people including one person from the Monaragala area and two residents of Moratuwa Egoda Uyana have been arrested in relation to this incident.

It is reported that a team from the Criminal Investigation Department has left for the Monaragala area on the order of the Inspector General of Police to investigate the matter. Accordingly, the Criminal Investigation Department is conducting further investigations into the incident.

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