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NPP challenges Sajith for a debate on economy

NPP politburo member Harshana Nanayakkara recently said Sajith Premadasa and the so-called economic experts of the SJB should to come to a live television debate with the leader of the NPP Anura Kumara Dissanayake, on the topic of reviving the country’s economy.

He was speaking at a NPP meeting in Kalawewa.

“We challenge Sajith Premadasa and his so-called economic experts to come for an open debate with our leader if possible and show the country how they are going to revive the economy. Sajith Premadasa dreams of becoming president. What is he doing? Driving buses, climbing trees and singing songs. But driving a bus or climbing trees or anything like that, playing football or cricket does not qualify one to be a leader of the state,” he added.

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