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Seminar on Engineered Wood for future construction purposes today

The Chamber of Construction Industry of Sri Lanka together with the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Department of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, will conduct a seminar on “Trends in Treatment of Wood and Wood-Based Products for the Construction Industry of Sri Lanka”

The seminar will be held on January 10, 2023 at the Sri Lanka Foundation commencing 1 pm. Construction Timber has evolved over time from traditional usage to one “engineered wood” which is considerably stronger and more stable than regular wood. Thus it allows builders, architects, and designers to build better and bigger. This has opened up possibilities for the current use of construction timber to open up with future technologies.

Prof. Hiran Amarasekara, Head of the Department will broadly outline this topic in his opening address at this seminar.

Of particular importance and relevance to the country, is that there is the existence of a very large quantity of underutilized Pinus Wood. With a favorable method of treatment, these could be converted as dimensionally stable and durable construction timber. This aspect would be covered by Jude Katukurunda who is a practitioner in this realm and demonstration items would be on display. The overall benefit therefore by converting such readily available timber hitherto not much used will be as the country could prudently and efficiently conserve its timber resources and also spend less on the import of substitute timber to the country.

Another new technology trend is the innovation of “Glulam” and other engineered wood products for construction. It is exciting that this innovative product could open up vistas for architects/designers and engineers/builders. There would also be a presentation and seasoning of timber too, and supply trends and grading of timber with special reference to Pinus at this seminar. The current trend in the flooring industry based on locally available timber and all its possibilities would be discussed along with the joinery and furniture industry based on locally available timber.

The Department of Integrated Design, University of Moratuwa will make a presentation on “Designing of buildings based on local timber”. This will be of special interest to designers and builders alike.The seminar will be wrapped up by Prof. Priyan Perera on “services offered by the Timber Process Innovation Center, at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura”. This is a very informative seminar and is a collaboration that gathers together researchers, innovators, and practitioners in a rare confluence and is arranged by the Chamber of Construction Industry of Sri Lanka for the benefit of the industry and should not be missed by all stakeholders in the industry.

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