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Qualified development officers to be recruited as teachers

Moves will be taken to absorb development officers who are currently serving in the government service to the teacher service.

Around 40,000 such development officers are in the public sector, while some have also been attached to schools as trainee teachers. The Education Ministry will work on absorbing these people who fulfill required qualifications to the teacher service, promptly.

On the recommendations of the Public Service Commission, the Examinations Department will be conducting an enrollment examination countrywide to fill the vacancies of graduate teachers in schools.

Based on the results at the enrollment examination, teaching appointments will be offered at the provincial level by the beginning of the first term of the academic year 2023 (in March).

The appointments as teachers will be made on a probationary basis and after they obtain their teacher’s diploma, they will be confirmed in service.

The decision about the age limit has been notified by the Public Service Commission. The specific age limit for recruitment of graduates for the teaching service is mentioned in the Teachers’ Service Constitution.

The aim of the Education Ministry is to produce a trained teacher who can provide quality education to the children in the classroom. Therefore, graduate teachers will be recruited based on the Teachers’ Service Constitution and the recommendations of the Public Service Commission.

Provincial authorities have the ability to recruit graduate teachers for vacancies available at the provincial level.

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