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Ministry to import 200,000 hatching eggs

The monthly egg production in our country has currently decreased to 30 million. This is due to the shortage of animal feed as well as the fact that the annual import of mother hens has decreased from 80,000 to 40,000.

Although 80,000 hens were imported each year, the quantity decreased to 40,000 last year, which affected the production of eggs as well as chicken meat.

As a result of this, if mother hens are imported, egg production may be delayed by about 11 months. As an alternative, the Minister of Agriculture, Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation Mahinda Amaraweera has instructed the Livestock Division of the Ministry of Agriculture to take steps to import 200,000 hatching eggs into Sri Lanka.

The Department of Animal Production and Health has prepared the necessary preliminary work and the procedure for obtaining mother hens from imported hatching eggs will be implemented using the two hatcheries located in Miriswatta and Marawila farms under the National Livestock Development Board.

Steps have now been taken to transfer the importation of hatched eggs to the National Livestock Development Board and private sector institutions, and the Livestock Development Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of Animal Production and Health are providing the necessary facilities.

Although our country has been self-sufficient through the production of eggs and poultry throughout the past, due to the drop in Maize production to 40 percent and the ban on chemical fertilizers in 2021, the lack of animal feed has severely affected the decline in animal production.The annual requirement of eggs in our country is about 2,990 million. The monthly requirement of eggs is between 249-250 million.

But now it has dropped to 30 million.If these bred eggs are imported before the end of February, the production of eggs in this country can be brought to a high level by next May and June, Livestock Development Division officials point out.

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