Corporate citizenship vital part of any organization - Vish Govindasamy | Daily News

Corporate citizenship vital part of any organization - Vish Govindasamy

Corporate citizenship is today a vital part of any organization, impacting every stakeholder from employees, investors and customers to society at large said Chairman Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Vish Govindasamy at the Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Awards 2022 organized by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce for the nineteenth consecutive year.

“Focusing on generating economic growth in a way that does not cause negative cultural, social and environmental aspects, it also highlights the need for generational accountability, to create a better world for future generations.”

These tenets have been ratified by the Paris Agreement and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, designed as a ‘shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future’. Keeping in mind the particular challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic together with an unprecedented economic crisis, this year we have introduced a new award, to recognise corporate initiatives that addressed the twin challenges of the pandemic and ongoing socio-economic stresses. “I also applaud you all, for your unwavering commitment to these principles during what has been one of the most challenging years Sri Lanka has ever faced.”

The ‘Planning and Adoption of Resilient Practices for Covid-19 and Emerging Country Context’ award recognizes corporates that effectively identified, assessed and implemented Covid-19 resilient practices, as well as practices to ensure sustainability and stability in the context of emerging political, economic and social disruption. Each business has the power to create solutions and drive sustainable change. Every year we see increasing evidence of this commitment, this year we received 66 applications, the highest number of applications that we have received for the past 19 years.


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