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Willadarage targets over USD 5 Bn during next five years through online exports

Young entrepreneur and founder of online clothing store ‘GFLOCK’ Ranil Willadarage said that he is planning to present a proposal to President Ranil Wickremesinghe soon on developing the online export market of Sri Lankan brands which can earn a significant amount of dollars to the country.

Willadarage said that his proposal outline plans to bring more than USD 05 billion to Sri Lanka during the next five years through online exports of Sri Lankan brands.

”I also gave a briefing about my plans to the Parliament Committee related to increasing export income headed by MP Patali Champika Ranawaka. I appeared before that Committee. Now I have to submit it in writing to that Committee. Along with that plan I also expect to meet the President. I am not engaging in politics. I want to work with the existing government to develop the export sector and bring much needed foreign revenue to the country. It is a plan that can bring more than USD 05 billion to the country in five years. We must do it together with the Government. That is my plan going forward,” he said.

He also said the Government should address the numerous issued by entrepreneurs and exports and help them in the best way possible to increase foreign revenue through exports in the next few years.

Willadarage said that he had made the Gflock clothing brand famous around the world and now it brings much needed dollars to the country and added likewise other Sri Lankan brands could be promoted online and create and export market for them to bring foreign revenue which can support the country’s economic revival.

“This can only be done through increasing the added value of products. We cannot build this by selling raw materials. It is through brands that the country can be lifted out of the pit it is in now. That’s how I see it. Those who are already doing tea and rubber coconut export can continue. Do it more and more. That’s no problem. But if the country wants to recover quickly, it can be recovered through promotion of our brands and creating an online market for our value-added products in overseas countries.”

“E-commerce is virtually an essential approach for both large and small businesses now that almost all products and services are online. Having a strong e-commerce presence can increase efficiency and productivity, while lowering costs” he added.

He said the opportunities for online sales are huge and growing and added through it businesses can find new customers in overseas markets, conduct business 24/7, build brand awareness, access new markets in a low-cost manner and monitor real-time sales to understand what customers are searching for.

“Of course, you’ll still have to deal with the traditional side of exporting—shipping, customs regulations and work permits—just as you would if you were doing business without the Internet. From this angle, e-business hasn’t changed exporting all that much. What it has done is make all kinds of export-related communications and connections much easier,” he further said.


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