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Sergeant who framed youth as drug trafficker interdicted

A Police sergeant from the Ja-Ela Police station who planted drugs on a young man and tried to frame him as a drug trafficker has been interdicted.

The officer had reportedly tried to frame the young man as a drug trafficker after a quarrel with him at a musical show.

 The police sergeant had clashed with a group of young people at a musical show and following the dispute had brought the young man to the police station where he tried to frame and three other youth.

Then he had planted drugs on the youth and had included his name in the complaint book as a drug trafficker.

In the meantime, the parents and relatives of these youths had come near the police station and stayed up all night protesting, the police information stated.

Then when the OIC arrived at the police station, people in front of the police surrounded the jeep in which the OIC was travelling and had told him about the incident.

The police sergeant who had got afraid of the situation had later changed the information in the book stating the young man was arrested with illegal alcohol instead of heroin.

According to information received by the Assistant Superintendent of Police in this regard, an investigation has been conducted and action has been taken to interdict the Sergeant.

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