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IP involved in ATM hacking thefts interdicted

Police authorities have taken steps to interdict the police officer who was arrested for supporting two foreigners to hack ATM machines and to steal more than Rs.10 million from Hikkaduwa,

Karapitiya and Baddegama areas. The 39-year-old Inspector Anjana Silva is attached to the Meegahathenna Police. According to a senior police officer, the Computer Crimes Investigation Division of the Police has been able to reveal that this officer has been directly involved in this crime and he has changed the number plates of his car to provide the foreigners with transport facilities. In addition to the three ATM machines hacked by the foreigners in southern areas, they had attempted to hack another three machines in Colombo as well with the assistance of this police officer.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that an amount out of the stolen money has been shared with the police officer by the two foreigners.

But, it is yet to be revealed the exact amount he has received and how he had joined these foreigners to commit these crimes.

Five suspects including the two foreigners and the police officer were remanded till January 23 by the Baddegama Magistrate Court on January 9. Police are investigating.

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