IMF awards Talal Rafi its PFM Top 10 Award 2022 | Daily News

IMF awards Talal Rafi its PFM Top 10 Award 2022

The International Monetary Fund awarded Talal Rafi for his article on “Effects of Innovation on Fiscal Policies and Economic Growth” which was published by the IMF’s Public Finance Management Department.

His article was named among the 10 most popular articles published by the IMF’s Public Finance department based in Washington DC. The Public Finance department at the IMF published 78 articles in 2022 whose authors include senior officials of the IMF and global experts. Talal Rafi is a Senior Global Management Consultant at Deloitte. He was on Deloitte’s global ESG operations team. He is an Expert member of the World Economic Forum and Co-Chairs the Global Plastics Innovation Network action group of the World Economic Forum.

Talal has given talks globally including at the NASDAQ Centre, S&P Global and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and is a regular contributor in thought leadership for the Davos Agenda. His work has been published by the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Asian Development Bank, World Economic Forum, UNFCCC (United Nations), London School of Economics and Forbes.


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