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Josephian Inter-House drama competition on January 15

The Inter-House Drama Competition of St. Joseph’s College, organised by the English Literary Association in collaboration with Cold Theatre 7, will be held on January 15, commencing at 5.00 pm at the Lionel Wendt Theatre.

St. Joseph’s College is a leading school in Sri Lanka with a proven track record for success in academic affairs, sports and spiritual upliftment.

Through co-curricular activities, the college provides opportunities to mould young Josephians to meet life’s challenges successfully. Drama is one such activity. Many skills are developed through the co-curricular drama programme, such as creativity, communication, problem solving, accountability, collaboration, perseverance and time management, to name a few.

Drama also improves social skills including empathy and emotional intelligence, broadens perspectives and critical thinking, builds self-confidence and encourages team work and cooperation. Drama also teaches patience and commitment.

At the centre of all drama is communication. Like all the arts, drama allows students to communicate with and understand others in new ways. The college believes that drama is a powerful tool for learning and all-round development.

The college wants to empower its students to use drama to explore situations, characters, ideas and feelings both inside and outside the classroom; express themselves creatively in English and through physical and vocal expression; develop their self esteem, creativity, communication skills and collaboration skills; and develop positive attitudes and values.

Drama is an important tool for preparing young Josephians to live and work in this world that is increasingly team-oriented rather than hierarchical. Also, drama can help to build responsible global citizens.

That is the college’s ultimate goal and vision.

St. Joseph’s College Rector Rev. Fr. Ranjith Andradi wishes Master Niven Nanayakkara, the President of the English Literary Association and his team members every success and he is confident that they will regain the championship position this year.

He is thankful to the teacher-in-charge Sonali Perera and Kevin Cruze, the director of Cold Theatre 7 for developing the young Josephians to perform on the stage better, besides developing their personalities to become multi-talented students for the school and society.

The chief guest for the Inter-House Drama Competition will be the veteran actor and comedian in Sri Lankan cinema, stage and television, Wilson Gunaratne.

Sonali Perera, the teacher-in-charge, Kevin Cruze, Director of the Cold Theatre 7and the co-directors of the respective houses are instrumental in developing the young Josephian as better performers on stage.

May St. Joseph’s College which has imparted knowledge to its highest and broadest sense and produced a galaxy of Josephians, grow from strength to strength for many more centuries till the mountains disappear.


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