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LG Polls deposits: EC’s letter to AG led to cancel circular

A senior government Minister said that the circular issued to suspend the acceptance of deposits temporarily for the Local Government Election, was cancelled because the Election Commission had written to the Attorney General regarding holding of the Local Government Election. Last week, President Ranil Wickremesinghe held a discussion with the members of the Election Commission regarding   the idea that there is a division in the Elections Commission at the time when the Local Government elections are close. Instructions were given there.

The senior government minister also stated that the Elections Commission had not forwarded any written or oral notification to the Attorney General about the decisions taken in that discussion until the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

Under this situation, the circular was issued in relation to the decision taken by the Council of Ministers to temporarily suspend the acceptance of bail money for the Local Government elections.

The senior minister further stated that after the circular was issued, steps were taken to cancel the circular as the Election Commission submitted written submissions to the Attorney General.

The senior minister further said that the President has instructed the Elections Commission that they should act from one position to hold the Local Government election without any division under any circumstances.


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