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Police investigate robbery of monk’s mobile phone

Ingiriya Police has started investigations regarding a person who had come to a temple to ask for assistance and is alleged to have stolen a mobile phone belonging to a monk.

This person has stolen the mobile phone belonging to Ven. Narangwatte Dhammasiri Thera at the Deepaloka Temple, Ingiriya.

The suspect, who had come to the temple with the intention of requesting for some assistance, inquired about the Chief Incumbent from another monk who advised him that there was no Chief Incumbent and to meet Ven. Narangwatte Dhammasiri Thera instead.

Later, according to the information given by the monk, the suspect came to the room where Ven. Dhammasiri Thera was staying, but the monk was not there. It is reported that the suspect had allegedly taken the monk’s mobile phone which was on the table before leaving the temple.

“The suspect had then gone to a mobile phone shop in Ingiriya Town and tried to sell the robbed phone, but had immediately left the shop when he noticed the CCTV camera installed in the shop,” investigations revealed.

Ingiriya Police are conducting further investigations.

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