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Is it the right time for a poll ? - UNP

United National Party (UNP) Kandy District Leader Shanthini Kongahage said yesterday that several parties in the Opposition have taken to the streets demanding that the funds reserved for restoring normality to the country be used for an election.

Today, the people of this country are asking these parties the question of whether this is the right time to hold an election at a time when the political party representatives have planned campaign programmes at the rural level soon after the Elections Commission declared to hold the Local Government election.

She made these remarks in a press conference held yesterday at the UNP Party office in Kandy.

She further said that party leaders and activists have started election activities at a time when the people do not expect an election and it has been a very difficult task to answer the questions raised by the people that they do not want an election.

Although the Election Commission has informed the District Election Officers to accept the nominations for the local government election, candidates who are hoping to contest the election are unable to go door to door to conduct election campaigns due to the limited release of fuel. They cannot even travel on a motorcycle.

She said that the several groups of their party who did not support Present President Ranil Wickremesinghe to win the previous Presidential elections. They are now talking about the suffering of the people forming other parties. If they had worked honestly with the party leadership at that time, the people would have not suffered so much as they are today.

She said a situation was created in the country where a litre of petrol was sold at Rs.5,000 in the past. However, after the appointment of Ranil Wickremesinghe as the President, the problems of the country are being solved in a systematic way.

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