High end drug party busted in Slave Island | Daily News

High end drug party busted in Slave Island

Walana Anti-Corruption Unit conducts raid
Around 200 guests in the FaceBook party
International school students found taking alcohol, drugs
Colour wristbands used to identify drug or alcohol used by guests
Rs. 6,000 charged to enter party
Four arrested with kush and cocaine

The Walana Central Anti-Corruption Unit raided a drug party frequented by celebrities and rich on the 30th floor of a building in Slave Island early morning yesterday (15) and arrested four people including a young woman for possession of illegal drugs. A senior official said that around 200 youth were at the location when the raid took place. 

The officer said that the raid was carried out after engaging in an investigation in this regard, according to information that drugs were being distributed and parties were held at this place on weekends.

The officer also said that when the raid took place, even children of some international schools were lying down on the floor after taking alcohol and drugs.

It is said that Rs.6000 rupees was charged to enter the hall where this party was held.

Police sources stated that it was found that organizers use a colour wristband on participants hands when entering the hall to identify the kind of drugs or alcohol used by the particular participant .

The four including the girl were arrested with drugs kush and cocaine, police sources said.

Investigations have revealed that a gram of cocaine is sold here for Rs.50,000 and a narco pill is sold for Rs.5000. Although a large number of youth were checked by the officer only the four who were arrested had drugs in their possession, an officer said. The suspects are to be produced in court.


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