Amorous rapist dies of heart attack | Daily News

Amorous rapist dies of heart attack

A man who entered a house in Padaviya Bogaswewa through a window and raped a woman had  reportedly died after he fell on the ground after being kicked by the woman. According to the police the man had also used a sexual stimulant drug and the post-mortem reveals that he had died due to a heart attack.

The police said that the 53 year old woman who alleges that she was raped had known the rapist, a 58 year old man. Police said investigations show that the woman had known the person closely.

The woman had told the police that this person entered the house at night and threatened and then raped her.

The woman had told the police she had kicked and then pushed the person and he fell to the ground.

The woman who lives alone had then gone to her daughter’s house nearby and told her about the incident and the matter was reported to the police after that.


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