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Reginald Cooray: A talented, respected teacher - Dr. Bandula

As alumni of the Vidyodaya University, we express our deepest condolences on the passing away of a distinguished past student of the University, Reginald Cooray, a former Minister and Chief Minister of the Western Province. Reginald Cooray, was a person who gave leadership to common public struggles while in Vidyodaya. He was imprisoned for a long time in connection with the 1971 rebellion as a result of supporting the activities of the JVP under the leadership of Mahinda Wijesekara. After being released from prison, he came back to complete his graduation as a senior student of Vidyodaya, and taught us many lessons in politics in our first year as university students. He along with G.I.D. Dharmasekera created a new political party and embarked on a new political journey. While coming forward as the ‘Sekara Team’ he also worked with us to gain power in the main Student Union. After that, he worked with us as a talented and respected teacher in educational institutes in different parts of the island. He also became a pioneer in establishing several private educational institutions in Pannipitiya and Kalutara. He was very popular among the students as a teacher and by holding the position of the Chief Minister of the Western Province as well as the Minister of Education, he did a great service to raise the education standards of our Sri Lankan sons and daughters. He was not only a teacher and a politician, but also an artiste with a very sensitive heart.

Accordingly, he went in search of new frontiers in the field of music and used his energies to preserve and popularize the value systems of Sri Lankan culture. The enlightened people of this country will always appreciate his services as a Governor, a Chief Minister, Cabinet Minister, Teacher and Artiste for social, economic and cultural progress in Sri Lanka while using his wide range of experience and multiple skills.

Farewell, our dearest friend Reginald Cooray - Dr. Bandula Gunawardena (Minister)

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