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‘The Journal of Advances in Engineering and Technology’

SLIIT Faculty of Engineering launches inaugural volume
Officials at the head table.
Officials at the head table.

The Faculty of Engineering at SLIIT has launched a new research journal, “The Journal of Advances in Engineering and Technology (JAET),” devoted to advancing engineering and technological disciplines.

The journal’s inaugural volume and its accompanying website (http://jaet.sliit.lk) have been published recently by Chancellor of SLIIT Prof. Lakshman Rathnayake. The journal and its website will be forums for researchers to share their findings, facilitate collaborations and network with national and international colleagues.

JAET is a global, open-access, double-blind peer-reviewed publication that publishes original research from the engineering and technology fields. The journal’s mission is to promote engineering and technology R&D by bringing together experts in their fields and disseminating knowledge across the globe. The journal will publish original research papers, review articles, concept papers

Professor Nimal Rajapakse, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor of SLIIT said, “We are delighted to announce the publication of the inaugural issue of the Journal of Advances in Engineering and Technology and the launching of its website. Since its inception, the Faculty of Engineering at SLIIT has demonstrated a solid commitment to research and dissemination of knowledge. It is, therefore, natural for the faculty to launch a research journal to establish its leadership position in research and international collaboration.”

HE added, “Under Prof. Saman Thilakasiri, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, the research activities have grown. Launching this journal and the website will allow the faculty to grow research partnerships and broaden its research network. I am confident that the journal will attract high-quality international papers and establish itself as a premier journal in the region in due course. It also has a high potential to become an internationally indexed journal based on the quality of published papers and the editorial team’s reputation.”

The Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT), established in 1999, is known for providing unique and ground-breaking courses and proposing new initiatives to meet the country’s needs while supporting local and global career opportunities for its graduates. Over the past two decades, the institution has helped talented young individuals to pursue their goals by providing numerous educational opportunities. Research is an integral part of SLIIT. We at SLIIT aim higher in our academic and research activities to strengthen our reputation and position the institute globally for the benefit of our graduates through initiatives such as JAET.


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