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Kantar Lighthouse unveils Geo-Demographic tool for enhanced business

Kantar Sri Lanka - the local arm of Kantar Global - world’s leading analytics and insights company, recently hosted, ‘Kantar Lighthouse’ at Taj Samudra Colombo, welcoming over 200 of its clients and partners sharing invaluable insights on current consumer trends and inventive research solutions.

The highlight of the night was the launch of Kantar’s innovative, breakthrough product –Kantar Geo-Demographics, which will revolutionize the landscape of big data, consumer trends and market insights for Sri Lanka-focused brands. The product is expected to meet the growing demands of industry leaders, particularly with digitalization and the push for tech-driven insights and audience mapping. The launch unveiled the product with practical demonstrations on how to utilize the Geo-Mapping technology to identify potential demographic hotspots. Head of Kantar Sri Lanka Himalee Madurasinghe said, “In times of change, we may have to re-validate our brand’s purpose and its reason for existence, making it sharper, compelling, and more relevant to the current environment. Our strategies must be designed to cope with the realities of our time and make a better tomorrow for people. We are pleased to unveil some potential tools that will help connect with consumers at the deepest level possible and thereby enhance the effectiveness of the business strategies of our clients.” Insights Division, South Asia Executive Managing Director Deepender Rana stated: “As we continue to navigate an unpredictable landscape, it is essential to have a clear understanding of shifts in consumer behaviour. The explosion of media options has presented a challenge for marketers to remain creative and stay ahead of the curve. The consumer journey has evolved now and is dynamic and nonlinear, requiring a proactive approach to marketing strategies. Several tools that Kantar offers enable the marketer to make informed decisions”.

The consumption trends during challenging times, based on the Consumer Wallet 2022, Kantar Consumer Panel and Modern Trade Panel highlighted the dilemma of the consumer trying to cope with the ever-increasing costs of all expenses, with a fixed income followed by an interesting presentation bringing to life the known and the unknown of the SEC profiles that a marketer uses for strategy. With the ever-changing environment, the blurring of what is known, and the emergence of the unknown was shared.


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