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Action against filling stations violating QR system

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) has taken measures to suspend the activities of several filling stations that violated the directives and regulations of the QR system.

It has been revealed that a number of fuel filling stations that do not follow the National Fuel Pass (NFP) system for fuel distribution were suspended by Monday. The NFP was implemented a few months ago aiming to streamline the fuel distribution process while reducing malpractices reported in line with the fuel scarcity by the CPC. With the implementation of the NFP fuel queues came to an end.

All filling stations are advised to follow the QR system strictly and issue fuel only through the QR system. The filling stations, which do not follow the regulations and issue fuel without concerning QR system, will not be issued fuel by the CPC. Besides, disciplinary action will be taken on such filling stations.

Regulations in this regard have been issued to fuel distributors by the CPC through circular No 1058, 1060 and 1071.


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