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Grandfather beats sleeping grandson to death, flees

A young man in Kotavehera Kalegama Digannewa area was beaten to death by his grandfather yesterday (17).

 It is said that the deceased 18-year-old Navod Dilshan had been in the care of his grandfather and grandmother since his mother was working abroad.

It is said that the grandfather who was intoxicated with alcohol had beaten his grandchild to death when he was asleep in his bed.The 70 year old grandfather has fled the area. It is said that his wife was not at the house when the incident took place. The deceased is said to be a talented volleyball player and on the day of the incident had had come home after volleyball practices and slept. He is said to have suffered severe head injuries due to the attack and the grandfather had locked the door of his room before fleeing the area.

The grandmother who had returned to her house in the evening had found her grandchild’s room locked and when looking through a window she had seeing him sleeping on the bed.

As she had thought he was tired due to practices she had not disturbed him, but as he had not woken the next morning as well she had alerted some of his friends at school.

After opening the door they had found the boy with severe head injuries and had informed the police.


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