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CID takes over probe into Rs.17.8 mn found in President’s House

The Inspector General has handed over to the Criminal Investigation Department the investigation into the sum of Rs.17.8 million found in a room   by a group of activists who broke into the President’s House on July 9.

So far, the investigation in this regard was done by the Fort Police Station and the Colombo Central Division Criminal Investigation Bureau.

Last December, a written request was sent to the IGP by the Public Security Minister Tiran Alles, to hand over the investigation to the Criminal Investigation Department.

Minister Alles has indicated in that letter that his name is also included in the “B” report related to that case. The minister has stated that he had come to know that his name has been included in the “B” report by the Fort police OIC who had allegedly mentioned ‘money should be taken and handed over to the Minister in charge of Police’.

The minister in his letter has informed the IGP that after coming to know about this, he was shocked and added that mentioning his name in the backdrop where the Special Investigation Unit has not even recorded a statement from him is a violation of the “Principles of Natural Justice”.

In that letter, the Minister has requested that this investigation be assigned to the Criminal Investigation Department, which is a specialized agency, based on the need for justice for all parties.


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