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Suspect drug trafficker shot to death in Peliyagoda

A gunman who broke into the house of Kudu Ramani, a drug trafficker in Peliyagoda yesterday morning (17), shot and killed her son-in-law who was sleeping in his bed. 

Peliyagoda Police say that the person who was killed was a drug smuggler who was connected to the underworld called “Cluch Ranga”.

Police said the shooter, wearing a black jacket and mask, entered the house at around 6.30 in the morning and went to the room where the victim was sleeping and fired several shots and fled.

Investigations have revealed that a 9mm firearm was used for the shooting and three shots were fired at the victim.

Police said his wife and child were in the bed where he was sleeping and they were not harmed by the shooting.Investigations have revealed the shooter who came on a motorcycle opened the gate and entered the house like he knew the premises well.

A security camera recorded the motorcycle stopping in front of the house and the shooter entering the house and fleeing after shooting. The victim had been released on bail on January 4 after being caught by the police in connection with possession of several bombs.

The Police Media Spokesperson’s Office stated that Clutch Ranga was a suspect in several court hearings related to homicide.


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