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361 Degrees launches world-class corporate training programs

361 Degrees, among the largest and most sought after entities in Sri Lanka for the conduct of corporate training programs, has been assisting organisations in achieving their desired growth targets via world-class simulation-based corporate training programs.

By harnessing the power of Business Transformation Strategies, Innovation, Change Management, Culture Development and Leadership, 361 degrees has revolutionised organisational performance for the past 18 years. Over 260,000 participants have benefited from the conduct of 2,100 programs across a client pool of over 320.

Unlike traditional corporate trainers, 361 Degrees follows a simulation based approach which has proven to make a deeper impact on all trainees, after observing the need for the same which delivers real business results and behavioural changes. Today’s trainees seek meaningful learning experiences rather than power point based lectures. From the numerous situational variations encountered by the 361 Degrees team over the last 20 years in working with organisations of varying scale, scope and orientation, their insights gained in the discipline of learning and development is unmatched.

After recognising the above unmet needs of the corporate decision makers and the trainees and harnessing 361 Degrees experience in creating cutting edge experiential learning activities and future trends in learning, 361 Degrees designed, tested and launched a series of simulation based training programs. 

These simulations include Business Acumen for FMCG Sales Managers, Change Management, Innovation Management, Future Fit Strategy Development and Total Organisation Transformation. Speaking on his experience with these world class simulations, Malinga Arsakularathna, Chairman/CEO, Acron Group and Board Director, Union Assurance added, “361 Degrees’ ability to facilitate new-age strategic thinking through business simulation was inspiring and refreshing. The simulation game was fun and deeply immersive.” Meanwhile, Dr. Dinesh Hamangoda, General Manager Sales, Hemas Consumer Ltd. said, “Their capacity to infuse business sense into the daily realities of the FMCG sales management, customer marketing and channel development using an exciting business simulation game was a real game changer,”

The Concept Report on the “Role of Business Simulation in employee development” is at www.bitly.com/BizSimImpact.

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