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Cut her throat by telling her giving a Surprise

Colombo University Science Faculty student Pasidu Chathuranga who killed his girl friend by sliting her neck in broad daylight said that he took her to three places on Tuesday with the intention of murdering her. He had told the police as he felt that those places were not safe to carry out the murder and he took her to Race Course.

“I was very afraid that Chathuri would leave me. I was very afraid that Chathuri would belong to someone else.So I was always afraid that I would lose her,” Chaturanga had confessed to the police.

Information has surfaced that this student restricted her freedom and the victim has been barred from talking with boys in the same faculty too.

“She got angry with me several times. But we became friends again”, the student had said

.They had gone to the Race Course ground at around 11.30 a.m. to have a chat.The killer had said that he felt that she might leave him.

“I thought that she will fell in love with someone else soon. It is with this thought that the young man had slit his girlfriend’s throat.

It has been found from the police investigations that the thought that if he loses his girlfriend, he will not let her belong to anyone else was always in the mind of Pasidu Chaturanga.

He had decided to kill her so that no one else could own her. It has been found from the police investigations that he was prepared for it in advance. That is why he kept a small knife in his bag. The police have now revealed that he had bought it from a shop in Wellampitiya.The police also said that his answers show that he had the intention of killing his girlfriend.

He has also said that he cut her throat by asking her to close her eyes to give a surprise. Later, she screamed out her eyes and he tried twice to kill himself by jumping into the running train, but when the train arrived, he changed his mind and went back to his home in Wellampitiya.

He returned to Kohilawatta and jumped into the Kelani river, leaving the bag and his wallet there. Since he knew how to swim, he swam back to shore without drowning. At the same time, the police came and arrested him. A police officer mentioned that his mother had come to the police to visit him at night and she had cooked a plate of rice and he had eaten it without leaving a single grain.

“When we went to his house, there was no one in the house and his neighbour K.S.Weerasinghe said that he lives in the village as a very innocent person. It is unimaginable to say that he did something like this.

This young man lived an innocent life in the village.We don’t know if he is at home or not. Staying at home, that’s what her two sisters do. His parents are going to work.

“An innocent family that does not bother anyone. This students had tried to commit suicide three years agoas he did not get the campus he had hoped for. After dropping her sister to school,he came home and hanged himself behind the house. At that time, we were the ones who saw it and quickly took him to the hospital and saved his life, the neighbour said.

“He was in the intensive care unit for four to five days. Somehow, his life was saved. But after that day, this boy changed a bit. As far as we know, he takes medicine for a mental illness. Anyway he is not social,” he said.


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