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Vidura College - third Kala Eli Mangalyaya

The Vidura Senior Dancing Troupe.
The Vidura Senior Dancing Troupe.

All arrangements have been done for a scintillating display of a wide array of Sri Lankan traditional dance forms for over three hours at a grand yet charming ceremony to be held at Ganelanda Purana Rajamaha temple, Kalalgoda tomorrow (Friday) by students of leading educational institute Vidura College.  

For the first time in 2016, twenty-seven students of the Vidura Senior Dancing Troupe led by veteran school dancing master Dinesh Epasinghe had their Kala Eli Mangalyaya making Vidura a trendsetter school among the other English medium private schools in the country held at Kelaniya Rajamaha Viharaya. 

The school dancing troupe brought glory to the country by winning first place in the Folk Dancing Category at the Moscow Believers in Talent 2019 held in Russia in 2020. The Second Ves Mangalya was held in 2019 with 43 students at Kotte Purana Rajamaha Viharaya. 

This performance was also led by veteran school dancing master Dinesh Epasinghe. 

The exquisite dance costumes, performances, and rhythmic drum beat provided a fine testimony for the students, and their parents for a long time.  

This year for the third consecutive time 58 students including 22 male and 36 female students of Vidura College have undergone three months of intensive training on various dance forms in preparation for their upcoming Ves Mangalyaya tomorrow (20).  

During the period of the past three months, the students had paid homage to the gods by being vegetarian for at least two months and various religious activities were carried out in order to bless the students in preparation for the upcoming show.  

On the day of the show, at an auspicious time, the students along with their costumes will be blessed in the temple in a ritual known as the Ves Mangalya and Pahimpath Mangalyaya.   

Upon completion of the religious rituals and having performed as dancers at the temple for the first time, they will be performing for the Kala Eli Mangalyaya with traditional Kandyan Ves outfit which would mark a significant milestone in their lives.  

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