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Not the best time to present an important Bill - Opposition Leader

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa told Parliament yesterday that the government is conspiring to postpone the Local Government elections.

The Opposition Leader mentioned that although there are various positive laws in the new Campaign Finance bill to limit the campaign cost of all types of elections and it is a good act in a broad sense and it is also important for system a change and even if there are some amendments, it can be done through negotiations.

He said that although this Bill is extremely important because the deposit of money is being made in connection with the poll these days, there is a problem with the timing of its implementation and this will cause confusion and if it is passed, it will be a hindrance to the Local Government elections held in March.

The opposition leader said that according to this draft Bill, the candidates should provide a formal report regarding their expenses and if it is not submitted, it is a mistake and in that case even a petition can be submitted.

Also, he further stated that the imposition of regulations with the passing of this draft will hinder the holding of the Local Government election in the first week of March and through this the government is trying to execute a conspiracy to postpone the election and it is a violation of the democratic rights of the people.

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