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Monk killed after wall collapse in Peradeniya

An 18-year-old monk who was residing at the Edanduwaawa Purana Vihara in Peradeniya passed away subsequent to being hospitalized after a wall around the Bodhi at the temple fell on him.

The accident had taken place at about 7.30 pm on January 19. With the collapse of the wall around the Bodhi, a piece of concrete had struck the monk on the head. The monk who passed away after sustaining severe injuries was Mediwaka Dhammarakkhitha.

It has been revealed that the monk had been near the wall after the gilanpasa pooja had been held in the evening when it had collapsed.

Chief Incumbent of the temple,Venerable Matale Ariyadhamma Thera said the dilapidated

wall around the Bodhi is being renovated these days and the wall had collapsed when Dhammarakkhitha Thera had been inspecting the wall in the evening day before yesterday.

The Peradeniya Police are conducting further investigations into the incident.


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