‘Welle Sarangas’ gang behind Rajagiriya shooting | Daily News

‘Welle Sarangas’ gang behind Rajagiriya shooting

Police teams investigating underworld crimes have received information that Saturday’s shooting at a business establishment  that collects scrap metal in Kalapaluawawa, Rajagiriya was organised by an underworld criminal named ‘Welle Saranga’ who is currently being held in a prison in India.

An employee at the business establishment was killed in the shooting carried out by two people who came on a motorbike. The 65-year-old victim is an employee named Sunil Chandra.

Investigations reveal that the target of the shooters was the owner of the business.

The underworld Crime Investigation Department has also received information that this shooting is related to the kidnapping of a person who is said to be a close associate of Welle Saranga by shooting him in the mouth.Police believe the shooting was due to underworld gang rivalry.

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