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I was given a raw deal by NFSL, says Hyacinth

Hyacinth Wijesinghe the former National coach briefing the media
Hyacinth Wijesinghe the former National coach briefing the media

No other country goes for a World Cup, with this kind of preparation in Sri Lanka .After they won the Asian crown more than four months ago no National pool practices or not even a proper plan is there for the teams fitness said Hyacinth Wijesinghe, the coach of Sri Lanka’s netball team that won the Asian Championship last year.She already stepped down on personal reasons effective from Friday, a few days ahead of her year-long contract expires on January 31.

I decided to withdraw my name for the interview for the National senior team.head coach post which was scheduled to be held yesterday (22). three coaches Hyacinth Wijesinghe, Thilaka Jinadada and Somitha de Alwis applied for the interview but it was conducted with two aspirants Thilaka and Somitha de Alwis the two former National players as well as two former National coaches .

Hyacinth Wijesinghe conducted a press conference on Friday at Torrington place National Library Board room where she gave three major reasons to step down from the National Netball team.post .

Actually very poor administration from the Netball Federation of Sri Lanka ( NFSL) headed by Victoria Lakshmi which treated me very badly .They promised to give a salary of rupees one lakh fifty thousand).But they didn’t pay properly.Only 50,000 paid for me but it was not paid for the last four months and they never continued National pool practices and other preparation activities under me. Sri Lanka team won the Asia Cup under my guidance and they ignored my service after that .This is very unfair and especially that will affect the team’s world cup preparation.

The second reason is my assistant coach and the manager for giving evidence against me in an inquiry, held after fellow and former national coach Deepthi Alwis complained that her daughter Semini was not drafted into playing squad of the Asian Championship matches. The inquiry committee finally said whether I want to ask questions from the President, assistant coach and Manager after giving inquiry report . If any other players parent make complaints once again Federation has to conduct another interview. The former coach denied and disclosed she (Alwis’ daughter) eventually played at least one match.

“When they delivered their testimony against me, I was disheartened despite working in close quarters. I was cornered, ill-treated and harassed since September 15. Despite going in search of answers, I only remained unanswered,” the former national captain explained.

I have clearly understood working with this type officials is pointless and I decided to step down from my post after discussing with my son. My husband has passed away and I have difficulties to live with my loving son. Federation has not paid my salary and I started my own Academy ‘Coaching’.

Actually despite applying, and later deciding to withdraw, I had made up my mind to move on in spite of knowing I am likely to get it renewed as I received caiteria about coaching interview and I can get easily highest points to get head coach post once again .The renewal order also came from the National Sports Council (NSC) Chairman Arjuna Ranatunga, citing her experience and success. I never blame National Sports Council headed by Arjuna Ranatunga and Spors Minister Roshan Ranasinghe they understand me very well. But I do not like to work with the NFSL.

I was happy by working with present National team. The skipper Gayanjali Amarawansa and deputy skipper Dulangi Wannithileka were exceptional and both of them appreciated my service and they never gave evidence against me. I already got offers from overseas countries.Singapore always appreciated me. They called me “winning coach” They know my value but I will continue my Academy. I have to consider my decision to come again under the another Netball administration and also I have an idea to become Netball Federation President in future.

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