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No nematode infestation in paddy lands, says Ministry

A major newspaper reported yesterday that there is nematode infestation and yellowing in 25,000 acres of paddy cultivated in the Lunugamwehera area, a news release from the Agriculture Ministry said.

The news item stated that 11,000 acres of paddy fields have been destroyed by nematodes and the Batalagoda Paddy Research Institute has advised that another 14,000 acres of paddy have to be abandoned.

The Agriculture Ministry paid attention to this incident and inquired about it from the Paddy Research Institute in Batalagoda.

Dr. Jayantha Senanayake, Director of Batalagoda Paddy Research Institute, said that he has not directed any officer or team to conduct research on paddy cultivation in Lunugamwehera, and he has not given any advice to abandon paddy cultivation at any time.

He also emphasized that no matter what kind of disease is reported, his organization will never advise to abandon cultivation, but take measures to control it.

He emphasized that when certain diseases related to paddy cultivation are reported from different parts of the island, teams of officials are sent to conduct research on his instructions, but according to his knowledge, no team of officials has been sent to any place in the vicinity of Tissamaharama and Lunugamwehera.

However, yesterday (23) a special team headed by the Deputy Director of Ambalantota Paddy Breeding Centre Harshani Uma Siriwardena was dispatched to inspect the fields reported by the newspaper as having been damaged in Tissamaharama and Lunugamwehera.

Dr. Senanayake said that steps will be taken to provide a report to the Agriculture Ministry.


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