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Hurling threats on PUCSL members

PUCSL Chairman brought thugs?

Ananda Palitha warned Samaranayake that he will not be able to come to road

Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) Member Mohan Samaranayake said that he received death threats from the protestors who had entered the Commission’s office area on the 17th floor of the Merchant Tower in Kollupitiya following its meeting on Friday.  

Speaking to the Daily News, he said that one of the protestors identified by the name as Ananda Palitha along with several other protestors entered the lift where Samaranayake himself and Deputy Chairman of the Commission Udeni Wickramasinghe were and said that he was not sure if I would be able to come out of my residence if I agree the electricity tariff hike.

“That statement implied that I would be assaulted or killed”, Samaranayake stressed.

Samaranayake also said that he could identify two individuals who threatened him including Ananda Palitha. “The other person made a self-introduction to me and said that he represents a civil organization named as Association to Protect the Consumers’ Right (APCR). I don’t know him by name, but, have seen him on television. Usually, he is present at occasions where disputes occur.” According to Samaranayake, Police has begun an investigation regarding this incident and has informed him of the progress of the investigations being carried out. Accordingly, statements have been recorded from Udeni Wickramasinghe, his driver and the security officers of the tower.

He said the protestors were holding placards when the members entered the building but were very aggressive, and made threats and rude remarks when the members came out of the office.

“Those people had directly come to the 17th floor of the Merchant Tower without any problem,” Samaranayake said, stressing that it may have been PUCSL Chairman Janaka Ratnayake or his officials who could have given them permission to proceed to the 17th floor. The Kollupitiya Police are conducting investigations.


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