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Free and independent media under Taliban is a distant dream

Afghan media is struggling to survive under Taliban as numerous radio and TV stations, as well as news agencies, have closed and as per estimates more than 6,000 journalists have lost their jobs, Afghan-based news agency Khaama Press reported.

It has become extremely tedious for journalists and media outlets in Afghanistan to report under the Taliban due to strict regulations as journalists are restricted to cover security issues, such as explosions and suicide attacks.

The Taliban when it came to power in August 2021, promised that media would be free and independent to operate across the country.

New rules were, however, imposed a month later that strictly monitor and censor journalists and the media.

The short-lived media freedom was gone after the initial weeks of the Taliban rule.

In 2022, more than 200 violation cases have been recorded against journalists in Afghanistan which include arbitrary arrest, ill-treatment, harassment, threats, and intimidation according to the United Nations.

Media freedom in Afghanistan has gone from bad to worse and journalists are suffering from low morale under the ruling regime. Many reporters have been arrested, persecuted and threatened with death for reporting sensitive issues which are not to the likes of Taliban authorities across the country, reported Khaama Press. (ANI)


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