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The Barnhouse, Lanka’s first Upcycled Hotel

The Barnhouse in Panadura became the first hospitality brand in Sri Lanka to conceptualize environmentally responsible architecture.

The Barnhouse has been designed using principles that minimize the impact on the natural environment, such as upcycling waste material, using sustainable materials, and maximizing energy efficiency.

Upcycling is a creative and resourceful approach to design that involves repurposing materials or products that would otherwise be discarded or considered waste. By using salvaged shipping pallets as the main material of construction, The Barnhouse has demonstrated the potential for upcycling to not only reduce waste and conserve natural resources but also create unique and visually appealing buildings.

As a result, it has succeeded in saving more than 900 trees that would have been used in the property’s construction.

Designer Ajith Mohan Perera strongly adheres to architectural notions such as resilience and adaptability, and strategies such as recycle, up-cycle, reuse, and reduce. The interiors of The Barnhouse are pleasingly decorated using upcycled material, such as a magnificent glass-bottle chandelier in the restaurant, old typewriters that have been transformed into lampshades, and furniture made of shipping pallets.

The Barnhouse consists of 90% upcycled material in its production and interiors, making it the first of its kind in Sri Lanka.

The Barnhouse, launched in 2017, has created new, innovative spaces without altering the existing setting of the rubber plantation. The premise’s conserved 300+ trees produce 40 tons of oxygen in a day, allow 43,400 people to breathe every day, store 15 tons of carbon, and evaporate 829,170 gallons of water, which in turn has the cooling effect of 5 air conditioners working for 16 years.

The team behind The Barnhouse, including Managing Director and Founder Kushantha Hewapathirana, has a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. “The primary concept behind The Barnhouse is to create a holistic location that demonstrates a way of life in which humans adapt to nature rather than altering it. This philosophy is reflected in the design and construction of The Barnhouse,” said Hewapathirana.

The Barnhouse is in the process of creating a new event venue within the premise. It will be an open-concept event venue, ideal for guests who are looking for a more natural, rustic setting for their events.


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