How did thugs enter 17th floor without an approval from PUCSL senior official ? - Samaranayake | Daily News

How did thugs enter 17th floor without an approval from PUCSL senior official ? - Samaranayake

PUCSL Chairman has no veto power
Picture by Rukmal Gamage
Picture by Rukmal Gamage

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) Chairman has no special powers or veto power, PUCSL member Mohan Samaranayake said. 

 He said the Commission comprises of five members including the Chairman.

But with the resignation of a member now, the Commission comprises of four members including the Chairman.

The consent of all members or the majority is a must to pass a proposal.

He was making these remarks while addressing media at the Government Information Ministry yesterday.

He further said the chairman of the Commission does not have a veto power that other members do not have.

Samaranayake pointed out that the approval of all the members or the approval of a majority of the members is essential for a decision taken by the Commission to be effective. But the Chairman replied to the letter sent by the Cabinet without the approval of the other members.

He added that reply letter sent to the Cabinet by the PUCSL Chairman has no value as it does not have the approval of other members.

The Cabinet had sent a letter to the PUCSL to seek approval to revise electricity tariffs from January 1, this year. In response to this letter, a reply letter signed by the chairman was sent without being shown to the other members of the Commission.

However, Samaranayake said that there is a wrong opinion in society that other members except the Chairman had expressed their agreement to the electricity tariff revision. But the reality is that all the members including the chairman have agreed to the electricity tariff revision.

He emphasized that there is no ideological division among the members of the Commission as all the members of the Commission have agreed to the electricity tariff revision.

Commenting on the threats he received at the end of a meeting held at the PUCSL on 20th, Samaranayake said that it is a problem for the independence of the Commission.

However the PUCSL has agreed to seek advice of the Attorney General in connection with the electricity tariff revision.

When asked he said that the process of electricity tariff revision is under way. Meanwhile, commenting on threats received by Deputy Chairman Udeni Wicremesinghe and him, Samaranayake questioned how the thugs entered the Merchant Tower 17th floor. He noted if anyone is entering the 17th floor, a PUCSL senior officer should give prior approval.


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