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UDA to update city development plans - Minister

All city development plans drawn by the Urban Development Authority will be updated considering factors including the site’s population, economy, housing, transport, community facilities, and land use when cities are developed in the future.

Urban Development and Housing Minister Prasanna Ranatunga said it is mandatory to take into account the views of the people in each city when preparing the respective development plan.

The Minister further said that certain city development plans prepared by the UDA are not compatible with the present needs. Therefore, plans should be updated to suit the present-day demands, and the development of the city should also be done in a way that suits the current world. Cities should be developed to preserve historical or archaeological values.

“Some officials make these plans inside air conditioned rooms. Because of this, the country’s development activities are not achieving the desired goals and the ministers in charge of the government are blamed for it,” he added.




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