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Intoxicated off duty OIC causes accident in Anamaduwa

The Deputy Officer-In-Charge of Special Crimes Investigation Division of the Negombo Police Station has been arrested by the Anamaduwa Police for driving while drunk and causing an accident.

The Anamaduwa Police said the accident had taken place on the night of January 24.

This accident had happened when this officer an Inspector had been driving his vehicle from Negombo towards his home. The vehicle had hit a three-wheeler at Bangadeniya causing an accident.

Four persons including the three-wheeler driver who had been travelling in the vehicle had sustained injuries in this accident and admitted to the Anamaduwa hospital. The Anamaduwa police said there were two women among the injured as well.

It had become apparent to officers of the Anamaduwa police that the Inspector had been drunk at the time of the accident. It had been confirmed that the police officer had been driving his vehicle while being intoxicated.

The Inspector who was arrested in connection with the accident had been produced before the Anamaduwa court on January 25. Police said his driving licence had been confiscated by the court and he had been released on a surety bail.



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