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Kodituwakku heads Old Sylvestrian SC

St. Sylvester’s College is a school which has produced some top class sportsmen. This is a school situated in the heart of the seat of ancient Sinhala kings and remains as the one and only school in the country, if not in the whole world, to have produced a sportsman who was selected to represent two different countries at two different Olympic Games. He is none other than Malcolm Bulner.

This school did all its work producing boxers, cricketers, footballers, hockey players, athletes, rugby players and indoor sportsmen with very little facilities. .

On Saturday they had the Old Sylvestrains Sports Club and Old Boys Association AGM at the Grand Kandyan Hotel, this school is now just over eighty years old. At the Old Sylvestrian Sports Club AGM U.S.K. Kodituwakku was elected president with J.G. Thilakasiri as the senior President and the Senior Vice Presidents are Mahinda Munasinghe, R. Maheswaran and the Vice Presidents are S.N.M. Abeyratne, Dr. Majeed Waffan, A.S. Dange, U.B. Ekanayake, Nihal Nanayakara, H. Marikar, Upul Basnayake, Sameera Ratnayake and G.L.K.Chamikara. General Secretary is G.G. Hewamathies; Joint Assistant Secretaries sare Jagath Kumara and S.M.R.S. Samarakoon, and the Assistant secretaries K.A.P.P.Kodithuwaku, Y.M.S.B. Yapa, R. Talwatte, A. Ratnayake, and V. Wimalasena. Treasurer Nimal Hope, Assistant Treasurer Aruna Jayaweera,

Then the Old Boys president is Sudesh Athauda, Vice Presidents Dr. D. Dassanayake, Vipula Ruwan,D. Dassanayake, L. Uludupitiya, Sugath Surendra, S. Nandeasiri. General secretary D. Senaratne, Treasurer B.Manchanayake.

Hockey Tourney in memory of Thangavelu

Kandy District Hockey Association headed by R. Maheswaran has decided to organize an inter club seven a side hockey tournament in memory of the oldest Kandy’s hockey player P. Thangavelu who died at the age of 99 years few weeks back. He was the most successful hockey player, coach, umpire and promoter of Kandy hockey . During his playing days hockey was Kandy’s most popular game. He started his studies at St. Anthony’s College in 1937 and continued till this school became St. Sylvester’s College in 1941

During his school days he played hockey his favourite sport and football. At hockey he was a stylish player and an expert in ball-handling. Later he played club hockey for Young Stars SC and Kandy. Then he took up coaching and coached St. Sylvester’s for over 30 years. He was a top class coach, and guided the players on the right path and selected the best players to play the game. He later became a top grade Umpire and was seen in most of the school and club matches with the whistle, where he was up to date on his job.

He was in the Kandy Distinct Hockey Association committee for over 50 years ,General Secretary, Vice President, Patron and advisor. He was also the treasurer of the Kandy Association Football League and Referees Association for nearly twenty years. He is also the treasurer of the Kandy and Sri Lanka schools Boxing Association.


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