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Music is a journey for Dilan Gauthamadasa

"I believe in creating my own style of music":

Dilan Gauthamadasa is a Sri Lankan musician who is always willing to share with others what he has learnt in the field of music. He is a man with an openness and willingness to share his own gifts freely with others. And this makes him a bit of a rarity in a world where so many men and women are such misers when it comes to sharing what they know with others. The Daily News spoke to Gauthamadasa on what he knows best, which is the power of music. 

He has been in the field of music for almost eight years now, and as stated before he is ready to impart a great deal of knowledge to any novice. The portals to the music industry may not be open to everyone who wishes to make a name for themselves in music, but for those who display a certain talent,  Gauthamadasa can be indispensable.

“When I look back at my journey, I marvel at what I have achieved so far. This is why I always want to give back to the industry. I want to share my knowledge with others, so that they may enjoy music the way I have always enjoyed it. I think you should not be afraid of failure, because failures are the pillars of success. The only way to grow is by learning from your mistakes. Failure shows us what we should not do and it teaches us how to make better decisions. You have to be strong in any profession in the world, and you have to be ready to face whatever obstacles that come your way. I have had the strength to face any obstacle that came my way. I am a self- made man,” said Gauthamadasa.

An IPI number is an Interested Party Information number used as a way to uniquely identify a songwriter, composer, lyricist or publisher who may own rights to a piece of music. IPI number is used to identify songwriters and publishers. Thus, each songwriter and publisher will have their own unique IPI code. Gauthamadasa also has such a number. 

“I am proud to say that I have penned around 59 songs. Writing the lyrics for these 59 songs have been memories that I will always cherish. The hit songs ‘Shrungari’, sung by Rahal Alwis, ‘Mage Nowana Mathudaka’ by Udaya Nadeeshan and ‘Miyadena Mohothak Ewi’ by Shammu Sing have been penned by me and are certainly milestones for me.”

During his schooling years he has won many awards. He is ambitious and has hopes of winning many accolades. But his greatest satisfaction comes from seeing people enjoy the songs that he has penned. Above all he is an explorer and music is his passion. It is a discovery for him.  

“Music is in my blood. I believe that writing lyrics is a talent that I have been born with. I love doing what I am doing. I have enjoyed music from the time I was a schoolboy. Music is a journey for me, not really a destination. I will take this journey and go wherever it leads me,” explained Gauthamadasa.

Gauthamadasa's message to anyone who wants to succeed in the field of music is to believe in themselves. Do not depend on anyone, he says. Work hard and show commitment. Create your own style of music. Do not try to copy others. Do not be a copy. Be original. “You will encounter challenges and difficulties on the way. This is only to be expected. Be persistent and do not give up.  Continue on your journey and do not be discouraged. Be strong willed and give 100 percent to music. Then you will never fail. I wish you all the best,” explained Gauthamadasa.

He added that he caters to the demand. Yes, he enjoys music and is original, but he is a guy who keeps up with the trends and the times. “I connect with my audience. I am very mindful when it comes to the changes taking place in the music industry. I am a guy who caters to all segments of society. One quality about me is discernment. I am also very sensitive when it comes to producing top quality lyrics.”

Finally, Gauthamadasa wanted to thank his beloved parents. They have been his greatest strength. No matter how famous he becomes, he will never forget his duty to society. 

Service to society is a part of his life and one that he takes very seriously. “I am always here to help those who want to become future musicians. 

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