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Eleven family members arrested over murder in Kopay

Kopay Police on Thursday arrested 11 suspects, including two women, who were involved in the murder of a motorcycle repairman residing in Kopay under the guise of a murder committed by an armed gang operating in Jaffna.

Police said that the victim’s wife, mother-in-law, father-in-law and two brother-in-laws were among the 11 suspects taken into custody. According to the police, nine suspects among the 11 arrested, were taken into custody on the allegation of murder while three of them were charged with attempt at murder.

The victim’s wife and family members had been taken into custody, the police said as direct suspects of the murder.

The motorcycle repairman R.Ajith (30) had been killed on the night of January 21. The wife had told the police on that day that her husband had come to the house and taken a parcel with his

dinner and returned to his motorbike repair shop.She had also said that after a little while he had come running back with cut injuries on his body and that four individuals with their faces masked and dressed in full black had chased her and her family members away and hacked her husband to death.

The police said that when investigations were being carried out in this regard, the motorcycle on which the deceased person had been travelling was found in a paddy field and that there were signs there that he had been assaulted.

Subsequent to lengthy investigations into this killing, it had been revealed, according to the police that, the wife’s father had planned this murder due to a family conflict and that all the suspects were taken into custody accordingly.

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