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HC refuses bail for 2019 suicide bomber’s brother, further remanded

The Colombo High Court yesterday refused to grant bail to the accused, Mohammad Ibrahim Ismail, who was a brother of the suicide bombers Insaf Ahmed and Illam Ahmed,  who carried out suicide bombings at the Shrangri-La and Cinnamon Grand hotels on Easter Sunday.

The order was delivered by Colombo High Court Judge Navaratne Marasinghe and he maintained that according to the discretionary power of a High Court Judge and the nature of the case, the bail request was rejected and the accused will be further remanded in custody.

The order was issued when the case filed against the millionaire father and two brothers of the two suicide bombers, who were accused of withholding information from the police, seeing that a suicide attack was about to be carried out on Easter Sunday, was taken up before the Colombo High Court yesterday.

The indictments have been filed against three accused including Mohamed Ibrahim, a millionaire businessman living in Dematagoda, for allegedly concealing information from the police about a suicide attack was imminent on Easter Sunday under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and Penal Code.

Accused, Mohammad Yousuf Mohammad Ibrahim, Mohammad Ijaz Ahmed who were released on bail appeared before the Court while accused Mohammad Ibrahim Ismail Ahmed, was produced before the court by the Prisons Authority.

The Attorney General filed an indictment in the High Court against millionaire businessman Mohamed Ibrahim for committing an offence under the Prevention of Terrorism Act by concealing information without informing a police officer about a terrorist attack that was imminent on Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019, which could have led to a racist riot.

Deputy Solicitor General Lakmini Girihagama appeared on behalf of the Attorney General.




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