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Gemstones, cash stolen from temple

The Samanalawewa Police have launched an investigation into the robbery at a temple in Belihuloya Karagasthalawa  where 14 gemstones together with Rs. 270,000 in cash were stolen. Police launched the investigation based on a complaint made by the Chief Incumbent of the temple on Sunday (26).

The theft is reported to have taken place between 7.30 p.m. and 11 p.m. on March 25, when the Chief Incumbent of the temple had left the temple to participate in a Pirith Pinkama. The Chief Incumbent had complained to the Police that the door of the abode had been broken and various types of gemstones and money stolen from a cupboard. He had also said that he has no idea about the value of gemstones.

He had also told Police that he did not pay much attention to such thefts which had occurred before. Police said that there is a Pirivena in this temple with 35 monks staying there.Police also said that the location of the temple is unsafe.

They mentioned that since the road leading to the village runs through the temple, it is not possible to easily identify the thieves who had entered the temple that night.


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