Opposition Leader laments criticism on ‘Sakwala’, ‘Husma’ programmes | Daily News

Opposition Leader laments criticism on ‘Sakwala’, ‘Husma’ programmes

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa yesterday urged people who criticize the SJB to look at the reality before criticizing his party.

He said that some people are criticising the Sakwala programme of the SJB saying that it is a useless programme which is intended to fool the people while giving a small amount of money as a donation.

The Opposition Leader charged that those who criticize the SJB programmes such as ‘Husma’ and ‘Sakwala’ should go to the village schools and look at the real situation instead of making up various stories from air-conditioned rooms in Colombo.

Opposition Leader Premadasa was speaking at a function in Lunugamwehera Beraliyala Vidyalaya, Hambantota.

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